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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Workers Fight for Their Jobs and Lifestyles

AUSTIN, Texas, July 6, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Strikes are the industrial relations equivalent of warfare. They occur when negotiations between unions and employers fail. Sometimes they are provoked by the arrogance of labor organizations, and sometimes by the strategies of companies that wish to rid themselves of militant unions. When companies seek to rid themselves of unions, strikes are likely to be long, bitter, and destructive of communities, families, and friendships. In his dramatic novel STRIKE Julius Getman tells the story of strike by paper workers fighting to maintain their community and traditional lifestyle.

The strike is provoked by negotiators for Consolidated Paper Company, following the instructions of their new CEO, George Watts. In an effort to destroy the union, Watts demands major concessions and refuses to make reasonable compromises. When the workers predictably go on strike the company hires strikebreakers to permanently take their jobs. The union puts up a much stronger battle than the company expects. It wins the support of a once hostile press, student groups, churches and civil rights activists. It undertakes a campaign of civil disobedience that puts Watts on the defensive even at the Harvard Club. Watts, reluctantly, orders Tom Gilligan (the company's long director of labor relations) to negotiate a settlement with the union.

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