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Sunday, June 18, 2006


She finally gets published

John Alred
News staff writer

Linda Rainwater knows it’s hard to write. She also knows it is even harder to get published. But she never gave up and now it’s starting to pay off.

“I’ve had problems with the two agents I have had,” Rainwater said. “The first problem was that my first agent got sick and died. The second problem was that my second agent didn’t.”

After trying and trying to get published, Rainwater decided to go on her own. She went to Xlibris, a firm that will help self-publishing authors get their books on the street and into readers’ hands.

“You know, John Grisham did what I did,” she said. “He wrote A Time to Kill and sold the first copies out of the trunk of his car. I decided that was probably what I needed to do to validate myself as an author.

“I’ve been happy with the outcome. I know I closed a few doors when I did what I did. Some newspapers won’t review my book because it is self-published.”

The book Rainwater is talking about is The Second Milagro. The book has been described as a suspense tale of kidnapping, corporate espionage, and forgotten love that takes the reader from the red dirt roads of Alabama to the silver mines of Mexico.

Read the whole article at Jacksonville News

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