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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Mastering Life is a Great Art

New Book Explores the Ups and Downs of Life Through Its Heroine

NEW YORK, June 27, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- There is nothing in the world that is more complicated and mysterious than life. Not even time itself. In our world, there are people who live the good life while some find their lives in disarray or in confusion. There are people who dream very big about their futures only to realize that reality is extremely problematic and complex. So what is ultimately the essence of life itself? Readers can find out by reading author Melvin Malina's deeply absorbing and highly intelligent book, Life Is Stranger Than Fiction.

Set in the time period of 1860-1941, Life Is Stranger Than Fiction tells the story of a beautiful and happy little girl named Lily, who deeply believes in the world of fiction and fantasy. Living in a time filled with strict morality, deep religion and strong family values, Lily has her selfish view of the future thinking that more happiness, comfort, and prosperity will soon fill her life. But nothing ever prepared her for the shocking turn of events in her later years as tragedy finally struck. Lily finds herself lost, sad, and fallen. Finding herself at a crossroad, Lily wonders: has she finally lost her grip on reality or does she still have a chance to reorganize and reinvigorate her life?

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Brought To Book
On the ups and downs of do-it-yourself publishing.

by Patricia Lynn Henley

LIFE AS A SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHOR is sporadic, the fans are enthusiastic but few, and it wasn’t necessarily wise to quit my day job. But hey, I’m in there swinging and maybe, just maybe, I’ll hit one out of the park while a major scout is watching.

The baseball analogy might be a stretch since writers generally work alone, but if I’m not a member of a team at least I’m part of a trend. There are more than 100 “author services” companies out there eager (for a fee) to assist writers who haven’t been published through traditional routes. Digital technology allows a two-day turnaround to print a book at a relatively affordable price, even just one copy at a time.
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