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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


An Inter-Generational Love Story Like No Other...

New Novel features fascinating story about a young man loving his former babysitter

Love relationships between a young man and an older woman are highly unusual and difficult to accept even in modern times. Recently however, such inter-generational relationships have gathered great attention through the media and are currently influencing more people as we speak, including showbiz personalities. The question remains however: is it really possible for a Generation X man and a Baby Boomer woman to have a real loving relationship in life? The answer is about to be revealed as Xlibris proudly releases Goddess X, the compelling new book from author Robert St. Clare.

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Friendly Enemies
by Jerome Tuccille

Agents are not your friends; editors are not your friends. They're in the game for money, and you're in the game for…well, for a measure of fame and recognition and, if you're lucky, some money as well. Your phone calls will get answered as long as you are generating cash. When the cashflow stops, calling your agent or editor is like howling into the wind.

Your voice will go unheard, and your calls and emails will go unanswered. The game is not about love. If you are looking for love and compassion, become a florist or a psychiatrist. You write because you can't help yourself.
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