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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Atheist Universe Secures Contract with Ulysses Press

Berkeley, California– David Mills secured a contract with Ulysses Press for Atheist Universe bound to be released August 2006. Having authored three successful books of the same genre, Mills received great reviews after successfully self-publishing the book’s 1st edition through Xlibris which eventually caught the interest of a traditional house, Ulysses Press, to produce its forthcoming 2nd edition.

Published April 2004, Atheist Universe revolves around the argument of God’s existence. This book brings to readers a profound understanding of the never-ending battle between science and religion. Told through the viewpoint of the author, it essentially answers why God didn’t have a thing to do with life.

Having been a best-seller, Atheist Universe, richly entertaining and delivered in simple terms, makes it easy for readers to comprehend the unfathomable denotation of atheism.

About the author:

David Mills has been an atheist for thirty years. David has also written best-selling psychology and self-help literature for the Albert Ellis Institute in New York and for psychotherapy clients worldwide. David worked as a journalist covering NASA’s Space Shuttle program at the Kennedy Space Center in the 1980’s.

Born in 1959, David lives in Huntington, West Virginia, and has one daughter, Sophia. For more information about the author, visit his personal website at

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